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Bitayavon Magazine Merges with Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller

New Magazine Will Feature Best of Both Highly Acclaimed Magazines

3Brooklyn, NY - - The Kosher Media Network (KMN), the first multi-platform network for the kosher consumer, combining traditional media with the latest in digital technology, announced today that two highly popular kosher publications will merge.  Bitayavon magazine will officially become part of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller and operate under the umbrella of KMN.  The resulting new publication will be a multi-featured magazine that will be the only one of its kind on the market focusing on the burgeoning kosher lifestyle.  The merger will take effect for the fall issue.

The new magazine will keep the title Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller and will continue to feature Jamie’s trademark warmth, straightforward approach along with her highly acclaimed recipes, but will also incorporate Bitayavon’s signature style of showcasing new food trends, gourmet cooking and its pioneering approach to focusing on seasonal foods. 

“We’re looking forward to combining specific columns and content from each magazine to provide a truly superior product that will better serve both the reader and the industry,” say Jamie Geller, founder and chief creative officer.  “Joy of Kosher and Bitayavon have featured some of the best kosher food writing, recipes and photography published.”

Shifra Klein, who with husband Shlomo Klein, are co-founders and co-publishers of Bitayavon, agrees. “Not only does this merger combine editorial talents, but it also creates a dynamic publishing team with entrepreneurial experience.  Both Shlomo and I look forward to working with Jamie and sharing our vision of upscale, gourmet kosher food with the readers of Joy of Kosher.” 

 “As this division of Kosher Media Network began to take off, we realized that we needed partners in this endeavor, both to keep up with the growth we were experiencing and also to give us the ability to grow the magazine from an overnight sensation into an international success story.  Shifra and Shlomo are exactly the people we needed to take Joy of Kosher to the next level,” Geller added.

A project of the Kosher Media Network, Joy of Kosher magazine released its first issue in April 2011 as Geller’s two cookbooks; Quick & Kosher Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing and Quick & Kosher, Meals in Minutes made her a household name.  She quickly gained a following as cooks everywhere, particularly working mothers, fell in love both with her approachable personality and her simple yet impressive recipes.  Her companion website, JoyOfKosher.com, is a treasure trove of culinary treats, and is the premier social networking site for the kosher or kosher curious foodie.

Bitayavon launched in February 2011 and made impressive strides in the magazine world, recognized and awarded by the prestigious Magazine Innovation Center as one of the hottest new magazines of 2011.  While the magazine focused on upscale cuisine and catered to kosher “foodies”, both serious and casual cooks have been enjoying its more modern take on kosher food as well as the many recipes and insightful articles that fill its full color glossy pages.  From the latest food trends to affordable recipes and meal ideas, Bitayavon has revolutionized the concept of a kosher cooking magazine in the eighteen months since its initial debut.

By consolidating the two titles under one banner, advertisers wishing to target the kosher market will benefit greatly, according to Henry Kauftheil, the visionary Chairman of KMN and architect of the merge.

“One plus one equals #1!” Kauftheil states.  “One unified voice will be a stronger voice for the industry. This fusion also eliminates duplication and overlap in distribution. Now advertisers have the ability to reach more readers much more cost effectively, not just in print but on line as well. It’s a winning combination all around.”

The new Joy of Kosher magazine will offer the best of publications, showcasing foods that are delicious yet easy, as well as gourmet trends and twists on traditional items.  As the centerpiece of the Kosher Media Network, the newly launched magazine will emerge as the must-read publication for kosher aficionados everywhere. 

By taking advantage of the Kosher Media Network’s diverse media platform, which offers the advantages of traditional media, including books, magazines and broadcast programming as well as the newest advances in digital, online and social media, the all new Joy of Kosher will continue to grow in popularity as it reaches out to readers on many different levels.

The magazine is offering a limited-time subscriber special for the new Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller. Visit http://www.joyofkosher.com/magazine/.











L – R: Tamar Genger, Jamie Geller, Shifra Klein, Shlomo Klein



Bitayavon Gourmet Kosher Cooking Magazine Named One of 2011's Hottest Magazine Launches by the Magazine Innovation Center

Brooklyn, New York - - Bitayavon, a new publication featuring gourmet kosher recipes and insightful articles, was recognized by the Magazine Innovation Center as one of 2011's hottest magazine launches.   Bitayavon, which features gourmet kosher recipes not only for Jewish holidays and Shabbos dinners, but for every day, was chosen from a group of over 800 new consumer titles published from October 2010 to September 2011.

“When I select a magazine as a hot launch, it is based on the vision, values and voice of that magazine.” says Dr. Samir Husni, founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media. “In 2011, Bitayavon exemplified every criteria and I personally felt deserved the honor and award.”

The fact that the Bitayavon, gourmet kosher magazine, is the first Jewish publication to receive such recognition is a reflection of the growing numbers, influence and needs of the kosher community.

Launched in February 2011 as a 40-page local magazine in Brooklyn, New York, Bitayavon has since grown to a 76-page magazine sold worldwide in kosher specialty stores, supermarket chains, at newsstands, and retail outlets such as Barnes and Noble.  The mission of the magazine is to create a modern culinary publication that appeals to everyone who loves good food, as well as those that keep completely kosher.

“You don’t have to keep kosher to love the recipes, tips and information we provide to our readers,” say Shlomo and Shifra Klein, co-founders and publishers of Bitayavon. “We are all about revolutionizing the concept of kosher cooking to meet the needs of the growing kosher foodie population as well as those who look for easy and affordable recipe and meal ideas.”

The bi-monthly magazine provides readers with gourmet kosher recipes, tips, and insightful articles related to the kosher lifestyle.  A digital version of Bitayavon will be available in the near future.

For more information and to subscribe to Bitayavon, visit http://www.Bitayavon.com and follow them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BitayavonMagazine and Twitter, http://twitter.com/Bitayavon,

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